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Kimberly Clark Professional is the corporate sponsor for Paul's World Record cycle across Europe

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Paul thanks all his sponsors

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Paul is proud to support Lupus sufferers worldwide

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A Win's a Win. How Was Your Weekend?

Well maybe not the MOST fun day! But it was over - 362 miles in 24 hours. I would like to look see and check how many of those hours I was actually riding. That is an average speed of 15mph -  including the time I spent sitting on my bum not on my bike or even laying under a truck sheltering!! First place in  my age category. I did 50 laps - the guy I was chasing did 53 laps.  There was no overall place to chase - just a pride thing for me. So I consider myself second overall!   Pretty damn happy with this result. Looking forward to the next race. You live and learn every time - I definitely learned a lot in this one, hopefully to take on to the next ride. But hey - a win’s a win and I am definitely happy with that!

Afterwards - the worst part - trying to recover! I felt like death at the end. I had to go take my tent down where really I just wanted to fall asleep - way too hot to consider that. I packed everything up and then waited for the awards - there were so many different categories ….. seemed to take forever  It was awesome but I was standing there falling asleep on my feet!  At the end I hopped in the car and set off for the Trading Post in the Canyon - possibly ate some of the worst food ever - TIP: don’t ever go to the Trading Post in the Canyon - but I was so hungry I ate it anyway!! Then I drove to Amarillo, struggling to stay awake! I stopped at the first hotel I saw - Holiday Inn Express - when I eventually managed to check in - I walked straight into my room, fell on the bed and passed out. Woke up later for some food - just Burger King - then back to bed for a few more hours! Woke at 2.30 am - still hungry - what’s open at this time of the morning? Waffle House of course! Back to bed, woke again at 9, ate and was then ready for that long drive back to Colorado!That was my weekend - how was yours??

What to do in the mountains when your bike chain needs oiling and you haven’t any lube with you!  A final word from Paul after completing the 2013 Colorado Trail Race!

The Day After!  Cereal in the middle of the night.

The end at last!!  Listen to Paul’s views and comparisons between this race and others!

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Throughout all of his cycling endeavours Paul supports Lupus UK and the Lupus Foundation of America. Through his adventures Paul has raised thousands of pounds for research into better lives for Lupus sufferers.
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About Paul
Paul Spencer is a British born endurance athlete who competes in long distance cycling events and challenges.
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