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Kimberly Clark Professional is the corporate sponsor for Paul's World Record cycle across Europe

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Paul thanks all his sponsors

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Paul is proud to support Lupus sufferers worldwide

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Paul Spencer, is the current Guinness World Record holder for the fastest cylcle across Europe. He cycled from North Cape, Norway to Tarifa Spain in 22 days. Smashing the old record of 39 days! On his three week adventure Paul cycled over 4,000 miles travelling through Norway, Finland, Russia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Germany, France and Spain. Paul cycled to raise awareness and money for Lupus UK and Lupus Foundation of America. He was sponsored by Kimberly Clark Professional.
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Pauls Tour D'Europe
Last year was difficult for Paul as he worked his way back to full health after suffering from gastric problems following his trip to Africa in 2011. 6 months of antibiotics did the trick but also took their toll on his body – however he was determined to continue with as many endurance challenges as possible, some he did not quite complete for various reasons. However 2012 saw him complete the gruelling Colorado Triple Crown – a series of double century high altitude one day cycling challenges – definitely not for the faint hearted and a title owned by only a handful of people! It was as he was considering what his next big challenge would be that he discovered his US world record had been broken.  With no desire to repeat the same journey to gain it back he looked instead to breaking the current record for cycling across Europe and immediately started planning!  Working the full season in Beaver Creek would give him plenty of opportunity for high altitude training, especially working with a personal trainer, Billy Kuhn.  Billy has worked him harder than ever before and also helped him sort out his dietary problems – no more junk food for Paul!  This is why he felt it so very important to have Chad join the team (and later Jesse) – he feels good nutrition will be essential to his success – and is certainly benefitting so far! There is no doubt that Paul is the fittest he has ever been and with the support of such good friends he is determined to set a new record in Europe!  He is particularly grateful to all his sponsors, especially Kimberly Clark for providing some of the funds and to Jason at Jinjii Cycles in Denver for helping him build his bike!
The current record for this trip across Europe was set by another Brit, Glen Burmeister at 39 days (plus a few hours!).  When Paul first looked at the route he didn’t realise that it would mean a detour through St. Petersburg in Russia, as this is the only way round by land for a bike. This meant a little extra planning around passports and visas and the decision to go solo through Russia, meeting his support team in Estonia – they will travel by ferry from Helsinki to Tallin. The earlier challenge was getting the three of them plus the van to the start in North Cape, Norway and involved two ferries, one from Harwich to the Hook of Holland and the other from Kiel to Oslo, plus a flight from Denver to Oslo, before the long drive north through Sweden, into Finland briefly and then to the top of the world in Norway!  From Estonia the route will take them through Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Czech Republic, Germany, France and Spain. Paul has been asked why he decide to cycle north to south, risking the colder weather and snow still early on!  That was simple – he wants to finish in the warm with the opportunity to go kite surfing in Tarifa!  Paul hopes his adventure through Europe will be followed by his supporters and will encourage a few more people to set their own personal challenge!  He also hopes to raise tons of money for Lupus charities in both the US and the UK!!
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Throughout all of his cycling endeavours Paul supports Lupus UK and the Lupus Foundation of America. Through his adventures Paul has raised thousands of pounds for research into better lives for Lupus sufferers.
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About Paul
Paul Spencer is a British born endurance athlete who competes in long distance cycling events and challenges.
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