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Kimberly Clark Professional is the corporate sponsor for Paul's World Record cycle across Europe

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Paul thanks all his sponsors

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Paul is proud to support Lupus sufferers worldwide

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Paul Spencer, is the current Guinness World Record holder for the fastest cylcle across Europe. He cycled from North Cape, Norway to Tarifa Spain in 22 days. Smashing the old record of 39 days! On his three week adventure Paul cycled over 4,000 miles travelling through Norway, Finland, Russia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Germany, France and Spain. Paul cycled to raise awareness and money for Lupus UK and Lupus Foundation of America. He was sponsored by Kimberly Clark Professional.
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Paul Spencer
Paul Spencer is a British born endurance athlete who competes in long distance cycling events and challenges. Paul was born in England in 1980 but has hardly stopped moving since being born. Having lived and worked in England, Wales, America, Canada, Sweeden, New Zealand it is fair to see that Paul has seen the world!

What is more impressive is that Paul has seen the majority of it from his bicycle seat! Throughout the challenge Paul will have a unique opportunity to see Europe. From snowy begininngs in Norway, through major cities in Germany and tranquil coast roads in Spain.

Having been in constant training for the past 6 months Paul is in the best shape of his life and with his kryptonite (food) being completely manhandled (Chad) for him there is no telling just how fast Paul can complete his "Tour D'Europe"
Paul's Support Team - Behind every great man there happens to be a white van!
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Dean Stanley
Dean Stanley is a long time friend of Paul’s from uni days at Huddersfield.  When Paul set off on his first endurance trip cycling from Land’s End to John o’ Groat’s with little preparation, just determination, it was Dean who agreed to support him by driving alongside, completing the 880 mile trip in just 4 days! Little did he know then what was in store ahead!  When Paul asked him to support his Guinness world record cycle across America, Dean did not hesitate and together the two boys literally made history!  Since then Dean has been busy working in the UK and this year has been training hard for his first boxing bout in Nottingham.  This involved 8 weeks of his hardest ever training, which means he is at his fittest ever for this trip!  Again Dean did not hesitate when Paul asked him to once again provide support and obviously his experience will be invaluable as they work their way through Europe!  “ The language barrier is a little concerning as we travel through Scandinavia and the Baltics, but once we hit France and Germany I will be able to relax a little as I can speak those languages. The food has been great so far this trip – having Chad with us really makes a huge difference!   The scenery has been amazing  - I am intrigued as to what we will come across when it becomes more populous again”.
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Dean Stanley
Paul is proud to raise money for the Lupus Foundation of America and for Lupus UK during his cycling endeavours.
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Chad Shoulders
Chad Shoulders lives and works with Paul in Colorado and so is used to mountains and snow! He too is a member of the Race Crew in Beaver Creek, preparing the mountain for the world championship downhill races held there!  So he is definitely no stranger to long days and hard work  – though the main reason Paul asked him along is because of his culinary skills!  This is his first time in Europe – not exactly the typical tourist itinerary, especially for an American – he has already described it as “the adventure of a lifetime!”.  Chad’s hunting skills might come in handy as well – he has already caught some fish, though yet large enough for a meal for three hungry boys!  He is quite rightly very proud of his cooking skills. Although feels a bit limited with only two small hobs for his use. Keeping up with Paul’s appetite is a challenge!  He is excited about trying new cuisines, having tasted his first kebab just last week!  So far he has felt quite at home amongst all the snow and equally so in the Scandinavian forests.  Gutted he has to leave before the trip is complete!
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Throughout all of his cycling endeavours Paul supports Lupus UK and the Lupus Foundation of America. Through his adventures Paul has raised thousands of pounds for research into better lives for Lupus sufferers.
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About Paul
Paul Spencer is a British born endurance athlete who competes in long distance cycling events and challenges.
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