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Kimberly Clark Professional is the corporate sponsor for Paul's World Record cycle across Europe

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Paul thanks all his sponsors

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Paul is proud to support Lupus sufferers worldwide

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Paul is delighted to have Kimberly Clark Professional as his corporate sponsor for
The Tour D'Europe World Record challenge.

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Awesome cycling shop in Denver – Jason has not only encouraged sponsors such as Felt and Mad Fiber Wheels to help Paul out with discounted parts, but has also then put it all together with him. He has adjusted and repaired Paul’s bikes through training and racing and even mailed forgotten parts to reach him in Europe!! Paul says “I couldn’t even attempt this ride without Jason’s help”.
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Paul’s very first sponsors for biking equipment and extremely supportive for both his world record ride across the US and the Tour D’Afrique. He will always be very grateful to Liam and the team for their early help.  Roswell Bikes continues to support friends and family in the area who have been motivated by Paul’s efforts to take up cycling.
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Paul is excited to be riding on a frame provided by Felt and thanks them for their support
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When Paul first saw the name Mad Fiber he knew they would be a great match for  He could not be more pleased with his incredible new wheels - “they just seem to smooth the road out” and is so excited at riding them throughout Europe.  Thanks also for loaning him ‘spares’ - just in case!!
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what a difference these insoles make!
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Paul loves their 400 mile bike shorts “simply the best I have ever worn!”
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This sponsorship has allowed Paul to upgrade his old Go Pro and get an extra one to attach to his bike – the idea being to produce a time lapse video of the entire trip along with some real time video and interviews!
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The providers of Paul's very own GPS tracker which allows everyone to know exactly where Paul is!
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when Paul was looking for a camper van for the trip across Europe Just Go were the only ones to offer him a discount to support his charity fund raising for lupus.  This van is an essential element of the trip
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Paul is a great advocate for Hammer’s athlete nutritional program.  Their range of products has helped him to overcome many of the digestive problems he experienced in the past during his endurance challenges and made a huge difference to his overall performance!
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this company provides an amazing selection of superfoods – essential for an active lifestyle and fantastic for adding to those smoothies
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Paul always uses nuun tablets for his electrolyte fix so needed a big supply for this trip. Great flavours and easy to use!
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Chris Alberts is not only a long time personal friend of Paul’s but also a highly respected chiropractor in the Atlanta area. He has always supported Paul’s efforts and offers excellent lifestyle advice from a distance when Paul is too far away to visit in person. This is particularly important when you put your body under as much pressure as Paul does.
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Like what you see here? Think you could help Paul out on his next challenge? We would love to here from you
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Throughout all of his cycling endeavours Paul supports Lupus UK and the Lupus Foundation of America. Through his adventures Paul has raised thousands of pounds for research into better lives for Lupus sufferers.
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About Paul
Paul Spencer is a British born endurance athlete who competes in long distance cycling events and challenges.
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