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“Wouldn’t it be cool if I rode around the world?”


“Wouldn’t it be cool if I rode around the world?”

It came to him during one of the hundreds of miles ridden across the United States from north to south, and he couldn’t get it out of his head.

Of course, there are already records of cyclists riding ‘around the world’ but that method includes flying over the water and riding 18,000 round trip, which, although impressive, really isn’t ‘around the world.

Paul began looking at maps and charting a course that would allow him to ride completely around the world, across continents AND seas. Yes, it’s a crazy idea, and that’s exactly why it appealed to Paul. He and his best friend (and vital road trip crew member) started imagining what such a trip would be like, and what they would need to get there.


Paul has designed his journey to cover 12 different stages. He has chosen a path that will include thousands of miles pedaled by bike and boat. The plan is to beat the current Guinness World Record of the Fastest Solo Human Circumnavigation of the Globe.

  • “I want to see the whole world in the process, visiting famous tourist sites, but also go to the places that many people will never be able to see,” he said.

  • Besides seeing sites, he wants to connect with communities along the way.

  • “We’d love to stop at small bike events along the way, meeting fellow athletes and people from all over the world.”

  • One of the biggest hurtles will be the first stage of the trip, from San Francisco to Hawaii via pedal boat.

  • The trip also covers areas that Paul hasn’t spent much time in before. He wanted to make sure that the rides covered both hemispheres, so he thought the South America leg of the trip should go south along the coast of Brazil.

  • This isn’t just a bike trip– it’s a travel adventure. The route might not be the quickest, but it’s the most fun.


A round world trip like this one needs to consider a lot of gear, vehicles, and tools to be successful. Paul envisions a support RV with room for extra people, including a blogger/photographer or filmmaker, and in the perfect world, a cook, and a massage therapist.

Ideally, Paul would love to build an electric RV, especially considering that his own journey will be self-propelled. He’d like to leave a minimal carbon footprint, and allow his crew to travel in a modern, one-of-a-kind vehicle. Paul will need a variety of different types of bikes, and will be road testing the cycles and clothing along the way.

Help us gather our gear.


The craziest part of this journey is the hundreds of miles over open waters. Paul understands the risks, and is building his confidence, and a boat, to make it a reality. The boat will be a watertight capsule powered by foot pedals. He’s preparing to sit through storms and the possibilities of the boat flipping. Although there are high-performance pedal boats that exist, he needs something that can endure the length of the journey and his specific gear needs. Paul is currently customizing an ocean row-boat with naval architect and yacht designers, Lomocean.

Boat Stats:

Length – 11.77m, Width – 2.92m

Draft with rudder – 0.92m

Departure weight – 1000kg, Bare boat weight – 500kg

Customized pedal system

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Support is critical for such a journey, and Dean, Paul’s best friend and head crew person, will be driving the main support RV. They’re dreaming up a world-class team and will be filling positions for:

  • Bloggers/Journalists
  • Photographers
  • Massage therapists
  • Volunteers
  • Chef
  • Other cyclists

Crew members can sign on for a leg of the trip or for as long as they’d like to participate. Their flights in/out of country will be included. Along the way, his social media followers are invited to suggest pit stops, tourist sites, or even join them for meals and rides.

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