New Zealand Plan

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The NZ Plan

The plan is to pedal boat around the North Island of New Zealand in a counterclockwise direction. This was settled upon after discussions with Roger, my weather person. I will start near Aukland, in the Pine Habor Marina. I will then head north up the coast stopping in marinas, dropping anchor or attaching to buoyos every few days getting used to the boat; building hours and confidence in my abilities and the PedalBeast. I will also be learning how the boat performs in different currents and tides. I’ll always be close to shore in order to receive assistance from my crew.

After a resupply in the Mangonui area, I will head out around the northern-most point of NZ and then head south, taking on the 350 mile ocean test to New Plymouth. On this part of the trip, I’ll be carrying a few weeks worth of food; at points I may be 75-100 miles away from land. This will truly feel like it’s just me and the ocean; with no reference view of land. This is where I will be sleeping multiple nights on the boat, figuring out washing, cooking, night time procedures (is it best to drop the sea anchor, or let it float?). I’ll also have to pay attention to other large vessels, weather, and test out communication including the best ways to send and receive data.

Following a rest and resupply in New Plymouth, I’ll head out on another 150 miles of open water down to Wellington. Dealing with ferries and big ships coming in and out of Wellington, I’ll need to be careful and strategic. After Wellington I’ll head up the east coast, back to using the marinas, anchors, buyous procedure I learned earlier. The shape of the island means I will need so stay closer to the shore, until I get up to Hicks Bay, which will be close to 400 miles.

From Hicks Bay, I’ll pedal another big ocean push of 160 miles to the Whitianga area, where I will do my last resupply for the final push around Fletcher Bay. I hope to stop at Great Mercury Island and Chamberlins Island for a bit of an adventure along the way. I’ll finish the trip back in Pine Harbor Marina, meeting my crew and supporters for a party!

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