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Tour DivideJune 2018MTB Bike17th
Arizona Trail Race 300April 2018MTB Bike5th


Ragnor Realy RoadAugust 2017Road RunFinished
Leadville Trail 100August 19th 2017Trail Run200th
Leadville 10KAugust 13th 2017Trail Run54th
Leadville Trail 100August 12 2017MTB Bike250th
Camp Hale HUPJuly 26 2017MTB Bike1st
Silver Rush 50July 8 2017MTB Bike119th
Leadville MarathonJune 17 2017Trail Run169th
World Record Europe E/WMay-June 2017Road BikeFinished


Colorado Trail RaceJuly-August 2016MTB Bike13th
Beaver Creek BlastAugest 24 2016MTB Bike3rd
Boneyard BrawlAugust 3 2016MTB Bike3rd
Berry Creek BashJuly 6 2016MTB Bike3rd
Ragnor Realy TrailAugust 2017Trail RunFinished
Gopro Ultimate Mountain ChallangeJune 11-12 2016Overall4th
Gopro Ultimate Mountain ChallangeJune 12 2016Road Bike6th
Gopro Ultimate Mountain ChallangeJune 12 2016Trail Run14th
Gopro Ultimate Mountain ChallangeJune 11 2016SUP10th
Gopro Ultimate Mountain ChallangeJune 11 2016MTB Bike3rd
Hammer in the hayJune 8th 2016MTB Bike2nd
Vail White Water SeriesJune 7 2016SUP16th (Last)
Vail White Water SeriesMay 31 2016SUP7th
Arizona Trail Race 750April 2016MTB Bike11th


Vapor Trail 125September 2015MTB BikeDNF
Trans Am Bike RaceJune 2015Road Bike6th


Feedback CupNovember 2 2014Cross Bike11th
Cyclo X InterlockenOctober 25th 2014Cross Bike24th
Cyclo X ValmontOctober 19 2014Cross Bike35th
Cowboy CrossOctober 18 2014Cross Bike10th
Georgetown Hill climbOctober 4th 2014Road BikeFinished
Hoodoo 500August 2014Road Bike1st
Boulder Orthopedics CritAugust 16 2014Crit, Road Bike5th
Bannock St CritAugust 3 2014Crit, Road Bike12th
Colorado Trail RaceJuly-August 2014MTB Bike8th
Race Across OregonJuly 2014Road BikeDNF
Gopro Ultimate Mountain ChallangeJune 2014Overall8th
Gopro Ultimate Mountain ChallangeJune 2014Road Bike8th
Gopro Ultimate Mountain ChallangeJune 2014MTB Bike6th
Gopro Ultimate Mountain ChallangeJune 2014Trail Run10th
Gopro Ultimate Mountain ChallangeJune 2014SUP8th
24 hours in the CanyonJune 2014Road Bike1st
Gunnison Growler28 May 2014MTB BikeFinished
Grand CanyonMay 2014SUPFinished


Mile High Urban CXNovember 17 2013Cross Bike5th
Cycle X InterlockenNovember 9 2013Cross Bike1st
Feedback CupNovember 3 2013Cross Bike3rd
School Yard CrossNovember 2 2013Cross BikeDNF
Cross of the North 3October 20 2013Cross Bike3rd
Frisco CXOctober 5 2013Cross Bike5th
GMS Zero Gravel CrossSeptember 14 2013Cross Bike3rd
Cross of the NorthSeptember 8 2013Cross Bike2nd
Steamboat Stage RaceSeptember 2 2013Overall24th
Steamboat Stage RaceSeptember 2 2013Crit, Road Bike32nd
Steamboat Stage RaceSeptember 2 2013Road Bike25th
Steamboat Stage RaceSeptember 2 2013Time Trial28th
Best on the Hess Race 1August 24 2013Time Trial2nd
Best on the Hess Race 2August 24 2013Time Trial3rd
Racing for HopeAugust 10 2013Crit, Road Bike6th
Longmont CritJuly 14 2013Crit, Road Bike4th
Table Mountain Race Series 5July 9 2013Crit, Road Bike2nd
Table Mountain Race Series 4July 2 2013Crit, Road Bike3rd
Guanella Pass Hill ClimbJune 30 2013Road Bike13th
World Record Europe N/SJune 2013Road BikeFinished
Marericks ClassicApril 20 2013Crit, Road Bike17th
Marericks ClassicApril 20 2013Time Trial5th
Marericks ClassicApril 20 2013Road BikeDNF
Front Range ClassicApril 13 2013Crit, Road BikeDNF
Front Range ClassicApril 13 2013Road Bike19th


Moab 24hourMTB BikeFinished
Rage in the Sage (Team)MTB BikeFinished
Colorado Trail RaceJuly 2012MTB BikeDNF
Tour DivideJune 2012MTB BikeDNF
Boneyard BoogieMay 19 2012Run31th


25h Frog HollowNovember 7 2011MTB Bike9th
Coast to Coast (Scotland)September 2011Run/Bike/Kayak/Hike7th
Breck 100July 21 2011MTB Bike31th (Last)
Tour DivideJune 2011MTB BikeDNF
Tour d'AfriqueJanuary-April 2011Bike6th


World record USA N/S+W/EJuly-Augest 2010BikeFinished
BC Bike RaceJune 2010BikeFinished


National 3 Peaks (UK)September 2009HikeFinished
Lands end to John O GroatsAugust 2009Road BikeFinished
Bike Tour New ZealandJanuary-Febuary 2009BikeFinished


Lhasa to KathmanduJune 2008BikeFinished


Dearby TriathlonJuly 2007Swim/Bike/RunFinished
London TriathlonJune 2007Swim/Bike/RunFinished


14 Peaks (Wales)April 1997+1998HikeFinished